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Amount of Rhinos Poached since 1991 As the demand for rhino horn has increased globally, a trend led by Asia, we have seen the growth of rhino being poached in South Africa escalate at alarming levels to match that demand. We are at a crossroad where we, as a nation, need to view alternative approaches to conserve our species. We need a solution to help us save the rhino.

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Trade, not aid, will help to save Africa’s rhino.

We firmly believe that legal rhino horn trading is the best way to save the rhino. South Africa has lifted the ban on the domestic trade of the rhino horn, creating the opportunity for valuable rhino horn to be legally auctioned for the first time.

Owning more than 1500 rhinos, John Hume breeds and protects rhinos on his private ranch. His project is a TOPS, Threatened or Protected Species, approved and registered Captive Breeding Operation of White and Black Rhino. He spends over $170 000 every month on security alone, while still covering other expenses, including supplementary feed, veterinary costs and salaries.

Each rhino’s horn is safely and regularly trimmed by a veterinarian and capture team to prevent poachers from harming them. John Hume has more than 6 tons of rhino horn, which he keeps in a secure holding. Now, he is putting some of his rhino horn on auction.

The first legal rhino horn auction in South Africa will commence on 23 August 2017 in the hopes of preventing rhinos being poached for their horns in South Africa and to raise money to further fund the breeding and protection of rhinos.

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The auction will run from 23rd August at 14h00 to 25 August at 14h00.


The auction is an online auction.


The first lot will close at 14h00 and the others will close in 2 minute intervals thereafter. However, if a higher bid is placed on a lot before 5 minutes of close, that lot will extend for another 5 minutes.


Anyone with a permit can participate in the auction as the government has lifted the ban on the domestic trade of rhino horn in South Africa. This means that rhino horn can be traded in the country; however, the ban on international trade is still in force.


You have to register and apply for a permit, please contact us for assistance.


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